Gimme Rotation

December 2011, Ilkka Kokkarinen,

Requires Java 5 or later. Inspired by the Flash game Gimme Friction Baby.

Use your mouse to shoot balls from the center area. Your ball may not hit the center after it has left it, and if it does, your shield weakens. Once the ball stops, it inflates to be as big as it can. A settled and inflated ball must be hit four times (blue, green, yellow, red) for it to vanish. The more balls you take out on a single shot, the more points you get (first ball is one point, second ball is three points, third ball is nine points etc.) Eliminating a ball with a hole in the center makes your next shot a killer ball that eliminates everything on its way until it hits one of the border walls.

The source code, if anyone is interested, is in GR.jar.