Welcome to the International Conference on Intelligent, Secure, and Dependable Systems in Distributed and Cloud Environments (ISDDC 2017), Oct. 26-28, 2017, New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), Vancouver, BC, Canada.
The integration of network computing and mobile systems offers new challenges with respect to the dependability of integrated applications. At the same time, new threat vectors have emerged that leverage and magnify traditional hacking methods, enabling large scale and intelligence-driven attacks against a variety of platforms, including mobile, cloud, Internet-of-things (IoT), as well as conventional networks. The consequence of such fast evolving environment is the pressing need for effective and efficient paradigms, approaches, and tools for building, maintaining, and managing secure and dependable systems.

This conference solicits papers addressing issues related to the design, analysis, and implementation, of dependable and secure infrastructures, systems, architectures, algorithms, and protocols that deal with network computing, mobile/ubiquitous systems, cloud systems, and IoT systems.

The goal of the ISDDC 2017 conference is to provide a forum for researchers, students, scientists and engineers working in academia and industry to share their experiences, new ideas and research results in the above-mentioned areas.

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