Selection of an advisor for your CPS040 thesis

Thesis projects done in CPS040 must be done under the supervision of a faculty advisor, with whom you will meet on a weekly basis. The faculty advisor may design a project for you to work on, or you can propose a project to one of your professors to see if he or she would be willing to supervise it. Professors may have potential projects listed on their websites. Professors with an interest in supervising thesis projects are listed below, along with their general areas of interest. You can approach them in person or look at their websites to find a project that you would like to work on. There is also the possibility of doing a project through UCOSP, (Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects) where you work on specified projects with students and mentors from across Canada. The latter must be set up early in August, so if you have an interest in doing a UCOSP project, please contact E. Harley in July or early August.

Abdolreza Abhari, PhD

Web 2.0 social networking, web mining and information retrieval, data mining and database systems, big data analysis, sensor networks and distributed systems, soft computing and fuzzy logic, modelling and simulation

Konstantinos Derpanis, PhD

Computer vision, Artificial Intelligence

Chen Ding, PhD

Cloud computing, software service selection and ranking, recommender systems, data analytics, social network, behaviour informatics, information retrieval

Alexander Ferworn, PhD

Computational public safety: Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear explosives (CBRNe) applications; mobile, autonomous and teleoperated robotics; artificial intelligence and network applications

Denis Hamelin, PhD

Computer science education, multimedia, web design, quantitative research

Eric Harley, PhD

E-learning, bioinformatics, natural language processing

David Mason, PhD

Citizen programmers, programming languages, program analysis, software reliability, code optimization

Tim McInerney, PhD

3D interactive visualization, medical image analysis, 3D human-computer interaction, Computer Graphics

Andriy Miranskyy, PhD

Quantifying and mitigating risks (in the broadest sense) associated with the software engineering process in three different areas: quality assurance, green (energy efficient) software, requirements engineering

Ali Miri, PhD, PEng

Cloud Computing and Big Data, Security and privacy, computer networks, digital communication

Jelena Misic, PhD

Cloud computing and networking, M2M communications, body area networks, cognitive and green networking, network security, performance evaluation

Vojislav Misic, PhD

Wireless networks, software engineering

Sophie Quigley, MMath

Human-computer interaction, user interface design, usability testing

Alireza Sadeghian, PhD

Computational intelligence, neural networks, fuzzy sets of higher order, knowledge based systems, and nonlinear modeling

Marcus Santos, PhD

Genetic and evolutionary computation, knowledge representation and automatic reasoning

Mikhail Soutchanski, PhD

Artificial intelligence knowledge representation and reasoning, computationally tractable reasoning about actions and events

Denise Woit, PhD

Software engineering, software testing, agile software development, software reliability composition

Isaac Woungang, PhD

Network security, mobile communication systems, mobile wireless networks