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Computer Science II

Ryerson University
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Due: (none)


April 28:A2 solution: tar file for A2

April 8:Time of Exam: Please note that the exam will start at 9 AM rather than 8 AM.
Final Exam: information

April 4:Last minute requirement changes: These check the flexibility and modularity of your code. If your program works without the change, but you cannot make it work with the change, then show it without the change. The deduction for not being able to do the change is small (just 5 out of 100). The required change will be posted at the start of your lab.
  1. (11-12) Make 10 cars rather than 5.
  2. (12-1) Make the removed car (in removeFirst, removeLast) go to (10, 10)
  3. (1-2) Make numbers on the cars increase by 2 each time.
  4. (2-3) Make 10 cars rather than 5.
  5. (3-4) Make 7 cars rather than 5.
Submission of code can be up to midnight.
The late penalty for submitting next day is 10%.
The late penalty for demonstrating your assignment outside your normal lab period is 5%.

Mar. 29:A2 A2 marking scheme (additional note: no exception handling needed)

Mar. 28:Lab 20: If you do the first six questions of this lab, that will suffice for the two marks.

Final Exam: information

Mar. 17:No lab Mar. 21: There is no assigned lab for Mar. 21. You can use that period to do a lab that you missed. The TAs will not be present in the lab, so if you do a missed lab that day, submit it and send email to eharley. On Mar. 28 the lab will be lab 20. April 4 is the last lab and that will be used to demo your assignments. If you have time to do lab21 on or by April 4, it will be counted as a bonus. So the 10% than comes from labs will be marked out of 18 (9 labs x 2) with a potential of 20 (10 labs x 2).

Assignment 2: A2 is now posted. (Mar. 11, 2005).
Midterm 2: The tests have been returned in class. The solution is posted below under old tests. The test was out of 30, but we will treat it as if out of 28.
Announcements will usually be posted in this box for one week after which they will be moved to the old announcements page

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