FAQ for A1

> By vague, I mean what tests will it have to pass?

normal usage tests

>What assumptions can we make about the user input, if any?

catch an exception of intended numeric input is not numeric

How general does the vending machine have to be, or can we make it specifically 5 products for example?

yes, that is ok

What's the marking scheme? How much documentation? Where and how do we submit it?

that's now posted

I'm done now, and I would like to hand it in because I may not be back in Toronto by the Monday after break.

If you cannot be there on Monday, submit it by Monday and make arrangements with E. Harley to demo it later.

This question is in regards to the Beverage class. I don't know what is meant by: "The primary difference is that the beverage indicates the type of sweetener used." for the Beverage class. What exactly do you mean? I can only infer it to mean that there will be another variable to distinguish it from a Product, but I am not sure by the exact ramifications of that statement. Please clarify.

Yes you are right ... there is one more instance variable in the Beverage class. The only ramification I had in mind was that the toString method in the Beverage class would show the sweetener as well as the name and price. Then the combo box would show the sweetener when it is showing a beverage.

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