The purpose of the lab periods to give you practice on the concepts in the chapter, and a chance to ask the TA or instructor questions. It is recommended that you do the whole lab, but it is not required. Each lab will be marked out of 2. If you do a reasonable amount of the lab (approximately what a prepared student could do in one hour), then you get 1 point. The other point comes from doing a simple problem which will be specified in the lab and for which you will have about 15 minutes.

Extra problem for lab9 (second lab): Write a class Xxx (where Xxx is replaced by an arbitrary name supplied by the TA, different for each section), which implements the interface Comparable. You make up reasonable instance variables and methods were needed and decide how you want to compare the objects of your class. Also write a second test class (called XxxTest) which has a main that creates a few of these objects, stores them in an array, and sorts the array using java.util.Arrays.sort method.

Submit both your lab and the extra problem using the command (depending on your section number). The TA will give you a (preliminary) mark on the lab sheet, and the submission will be used as a backup or to check your work in more detail.
submit-cps209-01 fileName
submit-cps209-02 fileName
submit-cps209-03 fileName
submit-cps209-04 fileName
submit-cps209-05 fileName
Labs: from Big Java):
  1. Lab 11,
  2. Lab 9,
  3. Lab 10,
  4. Lab 12,
  5. Lab 14,
  6. Lab 15,
  7. Lab 17,
  8. Lab 19,
  9. Lab 20,
  10. Lab 21.

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