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All CPS209 announcements posted in W2004 are recorded here in reverse chronological order once they are removed from the CPS209 home page.

Mar. 04: A1 marks: These are posted along with the lab marks below, but I suspect there are some problems caused by submissions being in different directories and late submissions not yet looked at. Anyway, you can email Amit a33patel and copy to eharley your queries and corrections.

Mar. 03: Lab for Chap. 15 since you are busy studying for another midterm which is on Friday, you can submit lab15 any time Friday (i.e., you have an extra day to do it).

Feb. 19: Monday lab: During Monday's lab on Feb. 28, each group will spend about 10 minutes demonstrating their assignment. The rest of the time you can work on the lab for that day (Chap. 15), and you can submit it up to the Thursday of that week. The extra question for that week is writing the program for Quiz 10 (see the quizzes link below).

Feb. 19: a1 questions: during reading week please direct questions about A1 to the TA Amit: a33patel@ryerson.ca, since E. Harley will be away. A couple of frequently asked questions are here.

Feb. 18: a1 marking scheme: posted below.

Feb. 18: Lab marks: lab marks are posted below. Please let E. Harley know if you spot an error.

Mar. 02: Midterm 2: Correction regarding coverage: Section 15.5 is on the test too, i.e., you must know how to use command line arguments. Sorry for the error in the information. Also, don't forget to go to ARC 108 for the test.

Feb. 19: Midterm 2: Thursday, Mar 3. see Midterm information. for location, etc.

Jan. 31: A1 is now posted. You can do it in pairs.

Feb 8:JLT Group: Java and Linux Technology Group has its second seminar in ENG LG24 at 2:30-4 pm, Wed. Feb. 9. topics

Jan. 25: Re. Midterm: Please go to your proper class room for the test, since there will be bubble sheets for the multiple choice questions, and the sheet with your name on it will be with your assigned instructor.
Jan. 25: A couple of new links are added below under Course Work (Quizzes and old tests).
Jan. 20: Midterm 1: will be on Thursday Jan 27, 10:00-11:00AM, in your classroom. It will cover Chapter 11 (Inheritance) and Chapter 9 (Interfaces and Polymorphism). The test may contain multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, and/or programming questions. A few more details in this regard may be posted in the next day or so.

Jan.8: Labs will start on the week of Jan. 17.

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