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Ryerson University
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Before Sumitting Assignments

The assignments will be marked by
  1. recompiling the source files you submit on moon.scs.ryerson.ca using the javac and javacc programs running on that computer.
  2. running marking scripts on moon.scs.ryerson.ca.
All the scripts needed to do this will be posted before the assignment is due. Please make sure that your assignments compile and run properly on moon.scs.ryerson.ca before you submit them. Marks will be deducted from assignments that do not compile and run properly on moon.scs.ryerson.ca

Submission of Assignments

The web page for each piece of work will indicate whether the work is to be handed in on paper or electronically. Below are instructions on how to do each one of these.

Marking sheets

Each piece of work in this course includes a marking sheet that must be printed, filled out, and handed in physically, whether or not the submission is on paper or electronic.

This marking sheet indicates who has submitted what and how and is used by the TA you retrieve your assignments, calculate your grade, and record it. This marking sheet will be returned to you.

Assignments will only be marked in response to the receipt of a marking sheet. In other words, assignments without marking sheets will not be marked.

Electronic Submissions

Most of the assignments in this course will be submitted electronically. To do so,
  1. Zip the entire Java folder in one zip file using the name specified in the assignment. For example assign1.zip for assign1.
  2. From one of the moons, run submit-cps710 filename. For example submit-cps710 assign1.zip (Please note that "submit-cps710" is one word: there is no blank before the minus sign)

    You can submit the same file as often as you want: the new copy will simply replace the old copy. If you do, be aware that the date stamp for the file will be that of the new copy.

    You can check your submissions by simply typing check-submit-cps710

    You can also retrieve any document from your submissions directory using the get-submit-cps710 command which works somewhat like a cp command: e.g. if you want to retrieve a document called filename from your submissions directory and place a copy in destination-folder, just type
    get-submit-cps710 filename destination-folder
    Note that this does not delete the document in your submissions directory - it only copies it.

  3. Print the marking sheet that accompanies the assignment, fill out all your personal information, and hand it in to the instructor or departmental secretaries in ENG287.

Paper Submissions

A few pieces of work will be handed in on paper. These submissions must be physically handed in the Computer Science drop box which is on the left hand side of the main counter of the reception area in ENG287. Work handed in using other methods will not be accepted.

Please note that markers are not responsible for printing anything. Therefore you are responsible for any printing required in this course. This means that printed assignments and marking sheets cannot be submitted electronically.

Team vs Individual Submissions

When submitting teamwork, only hand in or submit one work for the entire team, and one marking sheet for the entire team listing the team members.

Due Times

Late Penalties

When late assignments are accepted (i.e. the late penalty is not -100%), the late penalty will be as follows:
Assignments will have a late penalty of -4n marks (out of 100) removed, where n is the number of school days (Monday to Friday) an assignment is late by.

e.g. if the assignment is marked out of 100, 4 marks are lost on the first day, 16 on the second, 64 on the 3rd, and 100 on the 4th.
The late penalty for assignments out of something other than 100 is prorated from the above formula.

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