Academic Policies:

Academic Policies
  1. Ryerson Policies of Interest
    • Ryerson Senate Policies -
    • Ryerson Academic Integrity -
    • Policy 46 - Undergraduate Grading, Promotion and Academic Standing
    • Policy 60 - Student Code of Academic Conduct
    • Policy 61 - Student Code of Non-academic Conduct
    • Policy 134 - Undergraduate Academic Consideration and Appeals
    • Policy 135 - Examination Policy
    • Policy 150 - Accommodation of Student Religious, Aboriginal and Spiritual Observance
    • Policy 157 - Student Email Accounts for Official University Communication
  2. Obligations – Students need to inform faculty of any situation arising during the semester which may have an adverse effect upon their academic performance; they must request any necessary considerations (e.g. medical or compassionate), or accommodations [e.g. religious observance, disability (should be registered with the Access Center), etc.] according to policies and well in advance. Failure to do so will jeopardize any academic appeals.

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