Missed Evaluations:

Missed Evaluations Students are required to inform their instructors of any situation which arises during the semester which may have an adverse effect upon their academic performance, and must request any considerations and accommodations according to the relevant policies and well in advance. Failure to do so will jeopardize any academic appeals.
    Medical certificates – If a student misses the deadline for submitting an assignment, or the date of an exam or other evaluation component because of illness, he or she must submit a Ryerson Student Medical Certificate AND an Academic Consideration form within 3 working days of the missed date.
    • The Academic Consideration Request (ACR) online form (https://www.ryerson.ca/senate/StudentInfo/AcademicConsiderationRequest/) must be used by all undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science, Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM), Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science (FEAS), with the exception of the Electrical Engineering program, and Faculty of Arts (FoA).
    • Students in all other Ryerson programs, and students taking courses in the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, must submit their request for academic consideration on health grounds by completing the Academic Consideration Document Submission Form (https://www.ryerson.ca/content/dam/senate/forms/academic_consideration_document_submission.pdf), along with a completed Student Health Certificate (or letter from an appropriate regulated health professional), https://www.ryerson.ca/content/dam/senate/forms/medical.pdf.
  • Religious observance – If a student needs accommodation because of religious observance, he or she must submit a Request for Accommodation of Student Religious, Aboriginal and Spiritual Observance AND an Academic Consideration form within the first 2 weeks of the class or, for a final examination, within 2 weeks of the posting of the examination schedule. If the required absence occurs within the first 2 weeks of classes, or the dates are not known well in advance as they are linked to other conditions, these forms should be submitted with as much lead time as possible in advance of the required absence. Both documents are available at http://www.ryerson.ca/senate/forms/relobservforminstr.pdf. If you are a full-time or part-time degree student, then you submit the forms to your own program department or school. If you are a certificate or non-certificate student, then you submit the forms to the staff at the front desk of the Chang School.
  • ● Students who need academic accommodation support should register with the Academic Accommodation Support office (formerly called the Access Centre). Before the first graded work is due, registered students should inform their instructors through an “Accommodation Form for Professors” that they are registered with Academic Accommodation Support and what accommodations are required.

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