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Course Outline

CPS305: Data Structures

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Instructor Dr. Woit
Dept. of Computer Science, Ryerson University
Office: ENG277
Tel: 416-979-5000, x7063
Email: (see Course Email Policy below)
Office Hour: Tue 1800
Prerequisites CPS 209, CPS 393.
Calendar Description Introduction to data structures and algorithms. Topics may include ADTs, restricted and generalized lists, trees, searching, sorting, hashing, graphs, algorithm design (incl. greedy algorithms), complexity analysis, recursion and dynamic programming. Lec: 3 hrs., Lab: 1 hr.
Compulsory Textbook Data Structures, Algorithms & Software Principles in C. Thomas A. Standish. Addison Wesley 1995
Reference (not required):
references of your choice for ANSI C and Bash, such as:
Course Organization 3 hrs. lecture per week for 12 weeks.
Learning Objectives The student will be able to identify, create, implement, employ, manipulate, and reason about the data structures and algorithms studied, within the context of the procedural paradigm, and specifically, the C language and Linux Operating System. The student will be able to solve the problems from the text, from class and labs, other similar problems, and those that build upon them.
Synopsis of Academic Focus and Scope The course will present both a theoretical and practical treatment of introductory-level data structures and associated algorithms as treated in the course text, using the C programming language and the Linux Operating System.
Course Evaluation
Item Weight Date
Test 1 30% Tue Oct 03
Test 2 30% Tue Nov 07
Final Exam 40% Exam Period
Labs 0% In assigned lab time--not graded
Labs Labs are not graded; however, questions on tests and final exam assume students have completed labs and used assigned lab time to verify their answers with the TA.
Educational Technology Students are required to use Linux and the gcc C-compiler on Computer Science moons for all course work.
Evaluation Guidelines
  • Official evaluation marks are recorded on D2L only.
  • Evaluations written in pencil will never be re-evaluated. Any error in grading must be brought to the attention of the grader for that evaluation (e.g., TA or instructor) within 24 hours of evaluation being returned (papers handed back for written evaluations, electronic posting of grade for electronic evaluations.) Students must report grading errors using the re-evaluation form provided by the instructor, when required to do so.
  • Course material covered on tests and final are cumulative to a limited degree. i.e., final covers material from tests
  • Late submissions of any course work are not accepted.
Missed Evaluations Normally recieve a mark of zero. See the following for remission: MissedEvaluations
Course Email Policy
  • It is best to see professor in class or office hours, as emails are not guaranteed to be answered, as follows:
  • Emails will be answered during office hours, time permitting, in order of arrival (from/to proper accounts as defined below).
  • Emails professor considers no longer (or not) relevant will not be answered.
  • Send email to: the course email account
  • Send email from: your scs account or Ryerson.ca account.
  • Email sent to/from any other accounts will not be answered. (e.g., Dr. Woit's regular scs email, your gmail account).
  • Send/receive off-site email via scs using putty, webmail, weblogin etc.
  • Send email in text/plain, not text/html format.
  • Email questions the professor deems appropriate to the whole class will be answered on the Announcements (not via email response).
Communication With Students see Communication With Students
Course Content see Dr. Woit's CPS305 Topics
Academic Policies see Academic Policies
Academic Conduct see Academic Conduct
Academic Misconduct see Academic Misconduct
Non-Academic Conduct see Non-Academic Conduct

Further Course Information:

This is now a common page for all my courses, and is located at http://www.scs.ryerson.ca/~dwoit/courses/courseInfo.html
Modifications to the course procedures will be made in consultation with the course students.

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