Quiz 6 (Exercises from Chap. 9)

  1. (R9.16 Horstmann) Consider this top-level and inner class. Which variables can the f method access?
    public class T
       private int t ;
       public void m(final int x, int y)
          int a ; 
          final int b ;
          //INNER CLASS
          class C implements I
             public void f()
          final int c ;
       private int x ;
  2. A Timer object is ticking, and with every tick it sends a message to an object of the following type: ________________________ .
  3. The message that a Timer object sends to its listener object is the following: _______________________________.
  4. Circle which of the following are objects (as opposed to messages):
  5. Connect the correct pairs.
    event                                    where it happened
    event listener                           the thing that reacts to the news
    event source                             the news or notification