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ITEM 1. DB Certificate Changes

Status: CC: passed ; DCSC: passed 9/27/2007
Date: CC Meeting Sept. 2007
Consider change to db certificate in CE (Raj would like this done before the next dept. meeting).

Students taking the existing db certificate have expressed concerns:

  1. Too many prerequisites (in effect 10 courses are required)
  2. Takes too long to complete it.
  3. Not all courses are offered since we do not get the min. numbers to run them.
Raj and John Fraser (Prog. Director Eng/Sci/Arch programs of CE) had several meetings with faculty and Industry advisors and they made changes to the program to make it more accessible:
  1. Six courses to complete the certificate (this is the Industry standard and the requirement on other certificates).
    new: ccps109, ccps209, ccps393, ccps305, ccps510, ccps610
    old: ccps109, ccps209 as prerequisites to the program
    required: ccps305, ccps510, ccps610, citm305, ckcs425
    electives (select 2): ckcs625, ckcs640,ckcs645
  2. Made several courses overlap with Computer Applications Cert. in order to get the critical mass to run these courses.
  3. Provided the option of attaining an "advanced" certificate by taking two extra courses from:
    ckcs425, ckcs625, ckcs640, ckcs645

Result: passed by CC, and subsequently passed by DCSC.
CC item list