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ITEM 12. Physics requirement

Motion: (at Sept. 4, 08 DCSC) BIRT the first term requirement of Physics be changed to a science requirement, for example Physics, Chemistry or Biology (the exact course numbers to be determined).
Also in the Admissions requirements, remove the line
2. Physics is the recommended Grade 12 U Science.
Status: CC: ; DCSC: passed Sept. 4, 08
a) Although there may be a hardware-oriented stream in our program, not all students are going down that path where knowledge of Physics is required.
b) As an Equity Issue: having Physics required in first term and advertising Physics as recommended in the Admissions requirements, may discourage female applicants and other applicants who have desire to study computer science in order to apply it in life sciences.
c) As a Retention Issue: many students do not like Physics and do poorly or even fail it, dragging down their GPA and in some cases leading to suspension or probation.
d) Flexibility: this gives students more flexibility to prepare for the path of their choice.
e) PCS110 is not a prerequisite of any other course.
f) There is a perception that physics is difficult, so some students try to avoid it and delay it. Even within the Science program there is that perception and they are considering having two introductory physics courses for their program.
g) Feedback from the Assoc. Dean and the Science group is positive on such a change.
h) IEEE suggests one science, not necessarily Physics.
i) Against: CPS310 and CPS210 require a knowledge of physics, without which the understanding of gates and signals is difficult. Others were of the opinion that this is not the case and that gates and signals can be understood at a higher level. It was removed as a prerequisite for that very reason.
j) This change would increase our pool of applicants to our program. (This year we did well anyway, target 120, raised to 140 and now we have 161, based on the strength of the applicants.
k) This will broaden the choices and flexibility of our program.
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