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ITEM 15. Adding CPS501 to CS PR table

Motion: That we add CPS501 requirements from

Status: CC: to be discussed. ; DCSC:
Rationale: This is a required course in the 7th semester of the Computational Biology Option within the Biology BSc. It has never been offered yet, but there is one student in this stream who will need it next year. There may be CS students interested in bioinformatics ... why should we exclude our own students?

Consider changing the prerequisites. Could the course be offered with a brief introduction to DNA and proteins for the nonbiology major?

CPS 501 Bioinformatics
Introduction to analysis, management, and visualization of cellular information at the molecular level. The course includes an overview of mathematical modeling and simulation, pattern matching, methods for phylogenetics, gene recognition, distributed and parallel biological computing, designing and managing biological databases (both relational and object-oriented), linking disparate databases and data, data mining, reasoning by analogy, hypothesis formation and testing by machine.
Lect: 3 hrs.
Prerequisites: CPS 118 and BLG 143 and BLG 144