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ITEM 16. Adding MTH514 to math section of Table 1

Motion: That we add MTH514 to Table 1, math electives for CS students.

Status: CC: to be discussed. ; DCSC:
Rationale: MTH514 Probability and Stochastic Processes is very similar to MTH500 Introduction to Stochastic Processes, which is already in Table 1. The problem is that MTH500 rarely runs, whereas MTH514 runs frequently for Engineering students. The Program Director of Math is going to propose to their Curriculum Committee or Dept. Council that they add alternate prerequisites of MTH304, MTH330 to the calendar description of MTH514. This will make it easier for our students to find math elective classes.

MTH 500 Introduction to Stochastic
Probability of a function of several variables, martingales, conditional expectations, maximum likelihood estimators, random walks, stochastic processes (stationary and ergodic). Applications of statistical processes in science.
Lect: 3 hrs.
Prerequisite: MTH 404 or MTH 480
MTH 514 Probability and Stochastic Processes
Introduction to probability theory and stochastic processes. Topics covered include: elements of probability theory, conditional probability sequential experiments, random variables and random vectors, probability density, function cumulative density functions, functions of random variables, expected values of random variables, transform methods in random variable, reliability of systems, joint and marginal probability, correlation, confidence intervals, stochastic processes, stationary and ergodic processes, power spectral density, sample processes.
Lect: 3 hrs./Lab: 1 hr.
Prerequisites: ELE 302, COE 318, COE 328, MTH 312, MTH 314, ELE 401, ELE 404, and COE 428