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ITEM 7. CPS801: Course description and prereq.

Motion: (at 11/29/07 DCSC) that the course description and prerequisites of CPS801 be changed as indicated below.
Status: CC: Passed ; DCSC: Passed Nov. 29, 07
Current 2007/2008 calendar description:
CPS 801 Operating Systems
This course covers the principal internal functions of Operating systems with particular emphasis on UNIX and Systems Programming. It deals with the function and implementation of state-of-the-art operating systems. OS concepts: concurrency, parallelism and distribution. Process management, Memory management, File systems, Auxiliary Storage management, Input-Output management, Processor management. Topics also include: Elements of Distributed Operating Systems, Parallel Operating Systems and Network Operating Systems. (2 hr. Lab every other week).
Lect: 3 hrs./Lab: 1 hr.
Prerequisites: CPS 406 and CPS 590

Proposed new calendar description and new prerequisites.
CPS 801 Operating Systems
This course will cover the principal internal functions of operating systems with particular emphasis on Unix/Linux and systems programming. Topics covered in this course are: OS structure, process management (including concurrency and synchronization), memory management, file systems, input-output and device management, and elements of distributed systems.
Lect: 3 hrs./Lab: 1 hr.
Prerequisites: CPS305 & CPS 590
a) To remove reference to parallel operating systems.
b) To change the prerequisites from (cps406 & cps590) to (cps305 & cps590), since cps406 is basically software engineering now whereas cps305 teaches data structures which are used to some extent in cps590. For example, the instructor says that the first assignment involves stacks. Exposure to C and Unix is important (cps393), but cps393 is a prereq. of cps590.
For reference, other related course descriptions are included below.

CPS 305 Data Structures
Introduction to data structures and algorithms. Topics may include ADTs, restricted lists (stacks and queries), generalized lists, trees, searching, sorting, hashing, graphs, algorithm design, complexity analysis, recursion.
Lect: 3 hrs./Lab: 1 hr.
Prerequisites: CPS 209 and CPS 393

CPS 406 Introduction to Software Engineering
This course introduces the study of Objected-Oriented software engineering. Topics include software project management, requirements gathering, requirements analysis, modeling, design, implementation and testing. UML diagrams and design patterns are also discussed. A major portion of the course is a team project, taking a system from the initial requirements to the final implementation.
Lect: 3 hrs./Lab: 1 hr.
Prerequisite: CPS 311
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