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ITEM 8. Calendar Description: CPS590 Introduction to Operating Systems

Motion: (at May 8, 08 DCSC) that the calendar description for CPS590 be changed
Status: CC:passed <= May 8, 08; DCSC: passed May 8, 08
Calendar descriptions
CPS 590 Introduction to Operating Systems
Topics discussed: synchronous and asynchronous traps, process communication, pipes, mailboxes, process synchronization, signals and memory management.
Lect: 3 hrs./Lab: 1 hr.
Prerequisites: [(CPS 211 or CPS 213) and CPS 393] or Direct Entry


CPS 590 Introduction to Operating Systems
Introduction to O/S (System calls, interrupts, synchronous and asynchronous traps, O/S structure), using processes (process communication and synchonization), primitive communications (signals and signal Management calls), pipes, messages, semaphores, shared memory, memory management, file systems, and (time permitting) remote procedure calls.
Lect: 3 hrs./Lab: 1 hr.
[Corequisite: CPS310 Prerequisites: CPS 393] or Direct Entry

Rational and discussion:
Last year we increased the lecture hours of CPS590 from 2 to 3. In response Prof. Nagendra increased the amount of material covered in the course. The calendar description is hereby increased to reflect that change.

The change from prerequisite CPS213 to corequisite CPS310 was a friendly amendment at the departmental meeting.