Ilkka Kokkarinen

This is my Ryerson Chang School web page. I wrote the minimalistic HTML by hand on Emacs, as if it still were the year 1995 and being 4 kilobytes in size were important. (For me, the mid-nineties is still conceptually about ten years ago. But I do think something has seriously gone wrong somewhere when a Google Docs generated course webpage that contains about three screens of text is nearly 200 kilobytes in size, more than all the example programs in that course put together.

I wrote an App called BlueFace, available in App Store.

The courses I have taught around here since 2002:

For the day school course CPS118, I also have a bunch of Matlab examples, and for a future version of CCPS 109, Python notes and lots of Python examples.

For my own interest, I have written a bunch of Wolfram Mathematica tutorials. I also create (or, depending on your point of view, have my computer create for me) computational art created with Wolfram. I currently post my artistic creations at I also wrote a Random Art Generator in Java, and created a couple of pieces with that. Previously, I used to post my works on Some individual tags there:

Some old example Java programs that I wrote back in the day to use in my courses: