Computer Science Introduction to Wolfram Mathematica

Ilkka Kokkarinen, August 2014

About a month ago, I absolutely fell in love with Mathematica and the Wolfram language. After twenty years of teaching computer science, it was like seeing the whole thing from a whole new perspective. Here are some teaching materials that I wrote in the two summer months while devouring the details and philosophy of this language. Together these roughly 250 pages form a "book" that is an introduction to Wolfram and Mathematica written in computer science spirit, using this language not just for mathematics and equation solving but for all sorts of computer science examples and problems from the standard CS101 exercises all the way up to stuff that would, using ordinary CS languages such as Java, be third or fourth year projects (graphs, logic, AI, learning, recursion) but that the algorithmic beauty of the Wolfram just makes a breeze.

The chapters are intended to be read in the order given here. The links lead to DropBox.

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I learned the language from the following links that I recommend.