Java Applet to evaluate Open Face Chinese Poker hands.

Ilkka Kokkarinen, August 2013. For questions or comments, contact

This Java applet can be used to analyze the possible moves in the game of Open Face Chinese Poker. Type in the Hero and Villain hands and the next card in the corresponding text fields (use the letter T for ten), and press "One Card" to calculate the values for the possible moves for Hero for that next card. The villain board must have same number of cards as hero, or exactly one more. Alternatively, you can press "All Cards" to loop through all remaining cards and calculate the average value over all possible cards.

You can determine how much time and how many concurrent threads are used to analyze the moves.

The evaluator assumes 1-6 scoring and the usual bonuses for front, middle and back hands. You can choose how much you value reaching Fantasyland.

The source code is available in the executable JAR file OFC.jar for those interested. If you can't run the above applet in your browser, download the file and double click it to run it locally on your machine (assuming you have Java installed there).

The source code uses Cactus Kev's poker hand evaluator, rewritten in Java. The additional original code by Ilkka Kokkarinen is distributed under GNU General Public License.