The Zilk Programming Language

Ilkka Kokkarinen,

Zilk is a highly dynamic programming language that I designed and implemented myself. Users of Ruby and Python should feel very much at home with it. Zilk runs on top of Java and allows Java classes to be used seamlessly with the exact same syntax that is used with classes and methods written in pure Zilk.

Read more: Zilk.pdf (or the less well formatted Zilk.html)

The example Zilk program swingtest.zil opens two frames (and of course could be easily made to open more), each containing a button and a textfield and a panel into which the program paints a rectangle. The frames listen to these components and respond to their actions.

A larger example program mines.zil lets the user play Minesweeper. I wrote a rudimentary applet launcher and put the minesweeper game on its own page.

Download the most recent source code (version 0.04, “Simon says”):