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CPS125 W2016 Sections 7/8/9

NOTICES (Check frequently please)

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1 Jan 3/2016

Welcome to CPS125 W2016 Sections 7/8/9. Check these notices at least every two days; email will also be frequently used to send class information. There will be stretches without notices or email and then a flurry will appear. New notice announcements are posted on the home page. READ the notices (and the FAQ) carefully. As stated in the CMF, students are responsible for following instructions/material both delivered in the notices and by email so check these regularly (email DAILY).

NOTE WELL: Our major problem every year is getting students to actually believe the following right from the beginning of the term - each semester too many realize the following instructions should have been followed closely, but only just before or just after their final exam ... WHEN IT IS UNFORTUNATELY FAR TOO LATE.

Don't copy assignments. It is dishonest, pointless, and pretty much guarantees you a D- or F (not good for the GPA) with the added bonus of a non-appealable Disciplinary Notice on your academic record - Policy ).

Students are expected to attend ALL classes, appearing ON TIME for each lecture. Should you need to leave a class early, university etiquette should have you briefly notify the Professor before the start of that lecture.

Having a cell phone out of your pocket, web surfing, or texting during class is strictly forbidden; you can/will be removed from the lecture by Security if need be, should this be ignored. Such activities are distracting and have been an increasing problem over the past couple of years leading to some students failing in spite of being present in class. The course demands rather full attention because, while the material is pretty simple, there are a lot of details which build from lecture to lecture, and failing to follow and understand something in one lecture means that follow up material in the subsequent lecture also cannot be understood, etc, etc... (This also implies that you have to see the Professor immediately if you miss something in class.)

Will the following apply to you? Some falling behind don't want to see their Professors for fear of letting on that they have not been putting sufficient effort into the course and have fallen behind... however, be assured that when you fall behind it will definitely be apparent on your test/exam anyways (and doing things that way costs you GPA points!) ... so, if you are behind and need help, don't be afraid to come and ask for assistance. Promptly. Note the open door policy for our sections - check the comment on the Professor's timetable (linked from his web page).

Start to look at the Short Example Programs web pages (and throughout the term). Do the same with the Course examples on the main CPS125 web site. Doing these two sets properly (typing them into Qunicy - etc - and actually getting all of them to run without error and then modifying them to see what happens) is the best (only??) and fastest way to learn the course material.

Check out the Coordinator's CPS125 Web Site.