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Department of Computer Science
CPS125 W2016 Sections 7/8/9


This page connects via the link in the next paragraph to a very large set of example programs provided for our sections (7/8/9) for help with your studying.

The coloured examples highlighting code relevant to the lectures are on this Short Example Programs link . Ideally, your task at least a couple of times a week is to look at the Examples related to the material discussed in the lectures by your Professor and work on them in the following manner:

1) Study an example.
2) Write down a one line note about WHAT it does ( not HOW it does it!).
3) Close the example and open a new blank Quincy C window.
4) From that note, but without looking back at the Example, write the code to recreate it and get it working.

Be sure to understand 2.1.1 (what are prototypes and why are they used?).

If you get stuck making your little program work the order of help is: a) See the notes you have taken in class, b) use the index of a textbook to look up items, c) see your professor (for items you are still not clear about). Getting help from friends, especially right off the bat, is not on the list - usually friends will be kind and just give you the "answer", which doesn't help much for your learning.
Where you encounter snippets of code in the Examples, try them out in tiny programs of your own making. However, understanding and being able to recreate the Example programs is the main emphasis. You need lots of practice writing code for the esp for the second test and the exam.

Make sure you can actually get each Example program completely working - just thinking you can do it is most likely not good enough!

As noted (frequently!) elsewhere, the course is set up so that you will do this several times a week. Not only is this good practice which will give you most of your learning, but it's also a good self check - the Examples are short and this should go quickly. If you can't do them quickly or if you can't make a little program do what it should, you most likely need to get caught up a bit.