Wave++ is a C++ library of classes and functions designed for the serious programmer wishing to write software or scientific applications which employ the elements of wavelet analysis, time-frequency analysis or Fourier analysis. Wave++ is a carefully designed, thoroughly tested portable library of reuseable, extensible algorithms and data structures which allow the user to write efficient, fast executing programs in a wide spectrum of signal processing and data analysis applications. Version 1.0, which has been continuously tested and improved for the past eleven months is available for release.

Wave++ 1.0 comes with a makefile and will compile under g++ version egcs-2.91.66 19990314/Linux (egcs-1.2.2 release) on most Linux/Unix systems. In the near future we will compile Wave++ on a Windows/NT machine using Visual C++ and on a Macintosh using Code Warrior.Wave++ is free software with a very flexible copyright. Please read /wave++/README.

Our philosophy at the Ryerson Computrational Signal Analysis Group is that the classes and functions defined in Wave++ are constructed so as to make the writing of software which calls on wavelet based transforms as transparent as possible. All the necessities of memory management are taken care of by the members of the various classes, and many operators and functions are overloaded to allow for compactly written code. As wavelet transform algorithms are "fast", we have kept the overhead of classes to a minimum by avoiding private members and keeping them as simple as possible.

For Details Contact: L. Kolasa, S. Ferrando
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