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There are two assignments in the course, for details on relative weights and due dates see the Course Grading Scheme.

You are allowed to work on these assignments in groups, only hand in one assignment for the whole team. Each assignment will have an associated marking sheet. Attach a copy of the sheet to the front of your assignment and make sure that all the members of the group are listed on the marking sheet of that assignment.

Each team must produce original work, distinct from any other team. Read the MTH110 Teamwork and Cheating Policy before submitting your assignment.

Please don't submit work that is not your own. You will be caught and it is a depressing experience for all concerned, it may also have serious consequences. Be careful who you show your work to as all involved parties, no matter who is the actual author of the work, will be penalized.

Links to the assignments will be appear below when they are ready:


These assignments are based on Tilomino, also known as Tarski's world. It is a universe consisting of tiles of various sizes, shapes and colors, about which logical questions can be asked. Tilomino can be accessed by any Java enabled browser on any modern operating system. There is also information about Tilomino in the textbook under the name Tarski's world, see pages 85, 98, 99, 103-107 and 120-121.

You can also download a version of Tilomino to run locally on your own computer. Download Tilomino.zip, unzip it on your computer, and run it locally by double-clicking on the index.html file. Note that the tutorial is not included in the download version and will only work in the online version.

Additional notation will be needed to describe objects in the Tilomino world in your assignments. This notation is described in a separate web page titled Additional Tilomino Notation for Assignments. Note that this extra notation is only for the assignment description and your writeup, it will not work in the Tilomino program.

Note that you may be asked questions using Tilomino syntax in the midterm and final. You are thus expected to know and understand the basic syntax of Tilomino for the midterm and exam. You do not need to memorise any of the worlds, only the Tilomino syntax.

Submission of Assignments

Assignments must be handed in directly to the instructor. In the case of late submissions they may be handed in to the departmental secretary in ENG215. Please note that the secretaries accept no responsibility for these assignments. Work handed in to other professors, mailed in, left on desks, or slipped under doors will not be accepted.

Due Times

Assignments are due by the end of the lecture or test on the due date.

Late Penalties

When late assignments are accepted (i.e. the late penalty is not -100%), the late penalty will be as follows:
Assignments will have a late penalty of -3n marks (out of 100) removed, where n is the number of school days (Monday to Friday) an assignment is late by.

e.g. if the assignment is marked out of 100, 3 marks are lost on the first working day, 9 on the second, 27 on the 3rd, 81 on the 4th, and 100 on the 5th.
The late penalty for assignments out of something other than 100 is prorated from the above formula.

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