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General Test Information

Ryerson University
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You should bring your Ryerson Photo Identification card to each test and exam. Place the card on your desk before the test begins.

Before the final and midterm an information page will be posted on the web site (linked from the main page). This page contains important information such as material to be covered and test locations. Be sure to read it when it arrives.

Test Aids

An 8.5" X 11" crib sheet with information on both sides will be allowed during both the term test and final exam. No other aids (e.g. calculators, magnifying glasses) will be allowed.

Re-marking of Tests

If you think that there may be a mistake in the marking of one or more questions on a test or an addition error in the grade for that test, you can request a that the test be re-marked.

To do this, please write "Please re-mark" on the front of your test and describe what you think is the mistake as clearly as possible in writing on the front of the test and return the test to your instructor for re-marking. Do not forget to indicate clearly which question you think may have been improperly graded.

If a test is submitted for re-marking the whole test may be re-marked. The result may possibly be that the student receives a lower mark on any or all questions. We therefore recommend that you compare your answers with the solution handout carefully before requesting a re-mark.

Missed Tests

Students who cannot be present for a test or exam because of illness must contact their instructor or the department by phone or in person on or before their first day back at school. They must also submit a printout of the Ryerson Student Medical Certificate filled out by their doctor.

Besides illness, only very serious reasons, properly documented, can be considered as valid excuses for missing a test or exam.

If documentation is not received the test or exam mark will be zero.

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