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If you find any interesting links that might be relevant to mth210, please send me an email.

Counting and Probabilities

Sequences and Induction

The Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
Cascading dominos: picture and animation.

Recurrence Relations

Interactive Towers of Hanoi
The Fibonacci Association focuses on Fibonacci numbers and related mathematical problems. The following 2 links are nice for beginners:
Tiling with Trominos

Number theory

The Prime Pages contains lots of additional information on primes, including prime tables.
The largest prime (courtesy of Jonathan Sammy)
The great internet Mersenne prime search
The Online Encyclopedia of integer sequences ( Help) Enter your favourite sequence and see what's known about it
The Visible Euclidian Algorithm shows the Euclidian algorithm in action.
A rot13 calculator, enter any text and it produces the rot13 equivalent.

Graph Theory

Graph Theory Glossary
Polyhedra with Hamiltonian Circuits
Animated Hamiltonian Circuit on a Dodecadedron
Tree examples
Graph Planarity Game

Strings and Finite State Automata

FSA Definitions
Finite State Automaton Applet


Proof structure and template
GIFs for Mathematical Symbols
The Enigma machine

Course Software

You will need a PDF Reader, such as Acrobat Reader. If by some chance you don't already have one installed you should get one as a lot of information on this site is in pdf format.

Mathematical word processing

Word processing using mathematical symbols can be a finicky task using standard word processors. Though some tools exist and it is possible, standard word processors are not really designed for this and can make the task arduous.

Below are some comments and ideas on using mathematical symbols in documents.

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