A.7. Boot Diskette Creation

To create a boot diskette, insert a blank, formatted diskette into your diskette drive (see Figure A-8) and click Next.

It is highly recommended that you create a boot diskette. If, for some reason, your system were not able to boot properly using GRUB, LILO, or a third-party boot loader, a boot diskette would enable you to properly boot your Red Hat Linux system.

After a short delay, your boot diskette will be created; remove it from your diskette drive and label it clearly. Note that if you would like to create a boot diskette after the installation, you will be able to do so. For more information, please see the mkbootdisk man page, by typing man mkbootdisk at the shell prompt.

If you do not want to create a boot diskette, make sure to select the appropriate option before you click Next.

If you boot your system with the boot diskette (instead of GRUB or LILO) , make sure you create a new boot diskette whenever you make any changes to your kernel (including the installation of a new kernel).

Figure A-8. Boot Diskette Creation